The Journey

Isn't it funny how sometimes you're shocked to come across something that describes your life perfectly? For example, from a blog that appears on my newsfeed:

JJ and Dad understand each other.
"Are you a rubber band enthusiast that loves making paper airplanes?" WHY YES!! That's amazing how I was JUST thinking that!

Or... on a news headline that I came across yesterday:
"Local Writer Moves to Mommyhood, says "The trip is worth the journey." Amazing, I tell you.

I've been thinking this week (ok, ok... this month... yes I KNOW it's been that long. Sheesh, I'm a busy girl!) about how glad I am that I work and have the ability to do so. I promise each of you, I would have LAUGHED IN MY OWN FACE if I heard me say that six months ago. A little part of me still can't believe that I'm saying that.

The main purpose...
I assure you: This is not about the money, either.

The purpose of my life stretches in many directions. The career that found me is a great one - I'm constantly learning, I'm busy and I'm important - all of those things that I never found with another job (except maybe the busy part). More importantly than all of that - my company feels that my family is more important than my work. Sometimes I'm still in shock over this, because I NEVER found that with any other job. Seems to me that you never have to fit great things into your life - they fit themselves.

Going back to the whole "glad I work" thing... I recall that not long ago, a friend told me that after having her first child, she felt that her "life would suck forever." I'll admit: I felt that way too. The reason I felt that way is because I wasn't fulfilled on all of the levels of my life. I am a businesswoman - I have been for many years and long before JJ came around. That part of my professional life wasn't being fulfilled by the job I was in and it hurt me. I left something wonderful (my son) to go to something horrible. It made me unhappy. Miserable, actually. I didn't realize it until now.
Moonlight kisses are always fun. 
Now... I leave something wonderful (my son) for something almost as wonderful(my job). Although nothing will ever be as good as my boy, at least it's professionally fulfilling. My life is no longer obsessively concentrated on my child. I have a great opportunity to turn my attention to something else that I love and turn it back to him again. Our reunions at the end of the day are sweet and our time together is rich. I'm thankful for that.

I'm also thankful for JJ's bedtime, because then I get to focus on something else in my life that is wonderful - my husband. It feels like I'm changing the channels and every one has my favorite show on. It's a good feeling.

Relaxing is rarely something we do!
It's all about balance, which I feel that a lot of moms don't really understand how to accomplish. Now that I'm starting to understand how to balance my life, I'm feeling fulfilled instead of lost. I feel needed instead of inadequate. I feel important instead of an afterthought.

It's true - Although it's sometimes bumpy, the trip is most certianly worth the journey. I'm glad I'm taking it.


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