Project 24

Ever grab your cheap, five setting digital camera and run around taking pictures like you were the world's long lost top celebrity photographer?


Ok, well I have.  And now, I get to post the poorly-shot-but-nicely-edited photos on a  group Facebook page specifically created to house Project 24. 

What is this Facebook phenomenon, you ask?  Good question, my friends.

If any of you have children or at least remember what it was like to be a child, you know the joy of opening a brand new box of crayons.  The smell of wax and paper wrappers, the sight of un-scribbled crayon tips, and most of all.... the array of colors, just waiting to burst out of the cardboard crypt and be the subject of something creative and magical.  One undeniable truth of the world:  crayons are awesome.

So we have decided to create art with crayons..... without coloring with them.  

White.  I just painted the trim outside - what can I say... I'm proud of myself. I wanted something really simple for white and I love taking close up pics of the crayons! They are the stars of the show!
This week's color was white.  Not my favorite picture, either, but it is acceptable.  Next.

Blue Green.  I've been looking all week for something and these feathers have been sitting in front me the whole time!!  No editing - this came straight off my memory card. 
Blue-Green was week 3 in Project 24, and these feathers are at least eight years old. They have been part of a centerpiece that has been on my mantle, on the counter, and now they are on our media tower in a vase.  Only a few have been chewed on by the cats. 

The project will last for 24 weeks - one color each week.  Crayon in or out of picture is artist's choice, but each pic must be the color of the week.  

Violet.  Out of the (seems like) hundreds of Columbines I planted last year, this is the only one that bloomed this year. At least it matches the crayon.
See, the idea behind the pictures is to photograph an object that is the same color as the crayon of the week.  A different member of the group picks a new color out of a 24-count box of Crayola on Sunday, and we have all week to create our best paparazzi poses with the crayons. 
Yellow.  I bought this garden hose because it was yellow - I wanted something bright in the garden even in the winter time.
While this photo did involve a bit of enhancement, it's proof that my cheap, little, red point-and-shoot won't let me down too often.  It was for week 1, but I came onto the project a little late, so yellow and purple were both in the same week.  It's my favorite. 

I will continue to post my photographs as they are taken and posted to the project here, considering not all of my fans have access to Facebook yet.  Amazing, I know. 

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