Do Unto Others...

I just got a big, fat "F- You" from the unemployment office in the mail today. Can you guess what it was?

Here's a hint: Too bad we didn't have a Plan B in place in order to pay the mortgage. We'll have to think of one now. At least, until the Unemployment Hearing in May.

Hey God, how did you know I needed more motivation to find a job? Oh wait. You know everything. Well, then you also know that we'll need some serious Divine intervention right now for our sanity and our bills, let alone putting food in our baby's belly and diapers on his bottom.

Moments like these make me think of that old, desperate question that has slipped out of every one's mind now and then: Why do such bad things happen to good people? I've asked myself that very question more than a few times in the past several months. Why us? Why now? And, most importantly, what did I do to deserve this?

I've spent most of my life with a desire to help people. At first I wanted to be a doctor, but then realized that I didn't love school as much as a doctor should. Then I kind of wanted to be a nurse, but I despised the grueling hours and the dirty work. I fell into retail in college as a way to pay the rent and really fell in love with the idea of helping so many people throughout the course of a day. Every day, I met an unlimited number of strangers who needed me and that was a great feeling.

As I climbed the retail ladder, I realized that helping strangers wasn't the only thing that I was good at. I quickly learned how to help employees, too. Helping those that I worked with, and who worked for me, became the highlight of my retail career because the fruit was there to see. The labor paid off, and I could see the results growing. I loved it.

I have never once treated an employee unfairly, although some disgruntled ones might think otherwise. Sure, I dished out some tough love every now and then, but in the long run, I only wanted what was best for them and the store. A leader is nothing without her team, and a team is nothing without each other.

I spent many years protecting my employees from unjust treatment, unfair advantages, and unethical practices. I've spent my whole life trying to please others. Isn't it a little ironic that I'm being handed all of those things now? Although treating others the same way you want to be treated is a nice gesture, it is far from a guarantee that others will treat you the same. I feel good knowing that I never treated others the way I am being treated now.

After speaking to a friend, my mom, and my 10 year old nephew, I realize now that everything has it's place. My child has his place, my husband, my dog... and this too... and perhaps in ten years, we will look back on this day and laugh.

I can't wait to laugh about this.

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