It's been a few days since I last blogged because our days are overflowing with playing, traveling, laughing, and napping. We've been very busy.

Today, though, we're facing our first cold in a few months and we're both feeling rather ill. At first, I thought my allergies were on hyper drive but then JJ got snuffly and congested. Since babies generally don't have allergy problems, I realized then why all of that allergy medication wasn't working.

I'm actually lucky I didn't accidentally overdose on Zyrtec, if there is such a thing.

It seemed like a perfect day to sleep in, laze around, and do nothing all morning. The sun is out now, chasing away the dreariness that lingered after last night's thunderstorms and downpour. I think it's always funny how rainstorms can make such a dramatic entrance, stomp and throw themselves around, and be so easily chased away by the quiet glimmer of a small sunshine beam.

So that's today. Quiet, lazy, and sleepy.

Emotionally I'm okay. Spending so much time with JJ is very good for both of us, and I'm working hard to make sure that we can have more time together when I go back to work... or at the very least, I can be more available for him. My plan is developing already and our big break is going to come through soon. I can feel it.

Time for another nap...

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