The Great Hunt

Good grief, when did blogging become such a chore?

Nine working days have passed since I won my unemployment case and we still have not seen a single dime from the Government. Thanks for the hustle there, Obama. You f-ing rock, dude.

While we're waiting for a nice fat Govie check, I've been trekking out into several interviews. One promising interview is for a Visual Merchansider Manager with Forever 21 (www.forever21.com) at Regency Square Mall. I'm extra excited about this job because it seems like everything fits - the hours, the pay, the duties, the type of work... the commute sucks, but I'm willing to trade for a great job.

The other was a big build up and a huge let down. It was with a marketing firm here in Richmond. They are looking for customer service agents to sell appointments for Sears and Home Depot and other retailers. The commission was good. The people were fun. I thought this might have been the big one, until I realized that the company required 6 day work weeks, with 10 hours per day. Sorry, but I've worked 60 and 70 hours per week before. My feet were angry with me for weeks after that. I can't do it to them again. Ever.

So the marketing firm offered me the job and I've yet to call them and decline. Sucks to be them.

Other than that, the hunt is going, uh, well....? It seems to me that every week or so, a bunch of great new jobs will turn up, but more than half of them are scammy, work at home deals that you have to pay to become involved in. What is up with that? Excuse me, but I'm looking to get paid, not to pay you to maybe give me a job. It just doesn't make much sense to me. This puts a crimp in my serious job searching efforts because I don't know if a unknown company is legitimate or scam. People will do anything to other people now, and scamming people out of money ranks right on the top of the "Dirty things that dirty people do" list.

Anyway. JJ will be 8 months old next week, so I will have some pictures up to commemorate the occasion. A big deal, indeed.

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