On the 69th day...

Number of days since I lost my job: 69
Moments I've missed it since then: 0
Kisses I've planted on JJ's head: 398,654 (approximately)
Number of times I've felt free: 1

My unemployment hearing was today. I don't "know" the outcome, but my previous company did not appear on the call. A small statement was taken from them, but there was no case. This is undoubtedly a good thing.

My ties to them are severed. I have nothing that leaves me hanging from them. Today, I'm truly free. Referring back to the previous blog, I have no contempt in my heart. There is no room now, because two Jerrys fill the space so perfectly. I am quite thankful for them.

I realized that a few things remain since I drove past my old office building today on my way out to do some work with my mom-in-law. I want a work family again. Badly. It's what I miss the most about Mikasa - the family I had there. I thought I had a family at my old company. I thought I was cared about. I wanted to be, at least. What's left almost feels like two months after a break up - you wonder what might have been, you throw away everything that reminds you, and you find a new boyfriend.

On the 69th day, I'm seeing greener pastures. On this beautiful 69th day, I don't wish my life was the same as it was a year ago. The day is a hidden blessing, giggling under it's cover with anticipation of the wonderful things about to come.

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