Brand New Day

Is it blogging time again? Already?


Today was.... well... I'm going to just pretend today didn't happen. Tomorrow is a new one. It's bound to be better.

Jerry and I both have the sinus crud. JJ had it last week and it cleared up very quickly after I shoved saline up his nostrils five times a day and forced him to drink massive amounts of apple juice and pedilyte. I was NOT having a repeat of January. So far so good.

I'm trying to avoid an ear infection so I've been trying to use the Neti Pot more. It's very scary because I feel like I'm drowning. You know that feeling you get when you suck water up your nose in the pool? It's exactly like that. It's apparently supposed to prevent sinus and ear infections, so we shall see.

I'm tired. And cold. And hungry. I'm going to take care of all that... tomorrow is a new day.

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