Dilemma, Indeed

I suddenly and without warning, had an epiphany so great that I immediately scrambled to my blog. Do you want to know what it was?

I need to take more pictures.

More importantly than that, I need to find my camera. Dilemma, indeed.

Even more importantly than that, I need to POST more pictures. JJ is quite the character, often falling asleep in random places and more often than that, in his new car seat. Here he played himself out at daycare:

Yep, my little guy likes to fall asleep except when I want him to. Sigh. Next on the "I-haven't-taken-enough-recent-pictures-of-my-really-cute-kid" list, an area favorite.

I'm going home tonight to find my camera and start snapping and taking video. You'll see a transformation on this blog soon and maybe I can organize my life in the written blog with some visual aids.

1 comment:

Mark T said...

More pictures + video of adorable Giants loving baby? Always A Great Decision! :) :)



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