Praying for a Miracle

I was quite saddened to learn yesterday of the discovery of Morgan Harrington's body last week on a farm in Albemarle county. I was secretly hoping that maybe this girl was going to be a lucky one, like Elizabeth Smart. I thought that maybe Virginia Tech could call this one a victory after such hardship. I spent a good deal of time praying for a miracle. Perhaps the death of Taylor Behl a few years ago prompted me to pray harder for this one. I haven't figured it out yet.

Backing up here - my New Year's Resolution is to do more good. My goal for this resolution is to do one charitable thing per month. January, as most of you know, was a total wash as far as our lives are concerned, and I just didn't have a single second to spare to devote to any charity. I'll do better by February.

So, for January, I'm thinking that continually praying for an array of folks would satisfy as "doing more good," and I'll share with you some folks that you can mention to the Big Man upstairs, too.

-Of course, the family of Morgan Harrington. I can only imagine what they are/have been going through.
-A few friends I knew from high school:
*Stephanie: Her daughter was born last month very premature at 1 pound, 11 oz. Mom and baby are doing well, just waiting for baby to come home.
*Kelley and Tawny: Newly Pregnant.
*Alison: had surgery recently to remove cancer
-Total Strangers:
*Allie Goerolds and her family: this little girl has cancer and is participating in a research study and her family is having trouble finding transportation from Colorado to Maryland.
*The Duggar Family: Their little girl is still in NICU after being born 15 weeks premature. At the very least - pray for that baby and the sanity of her parents - whether you like their show or not.
*Jay Rigney: this is a gentleman that our company employs overseas... I've never met him, but he was recently diagnosed with esophageal cancer.

We've all been dealt a miracle every now and then. I know for sure that Jerry and I have received a few this past year... Count your miracles. Be thankful. Go on - ask whatever higher power/entity/God/Allah you believe in to deal one to these good people who not only need a hand, but also deserve one. We can only hope that a stranger would do the same for any of us.

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