Is that sn- - OMG!!

I can be plausibly sure that today’s morning commute was the worst ever. EVER. I find amazement in the fact that our road was completely clear of snow at 6 a.m. when I poked my head full of wet hair out the front door to check the conditions. No problem.

By 7:10, the snow was pounding so furiously, I should have retreated back into the house and plopped back down on my sofa. Nope! Not me! I was determined to get myself to work because the mountain of mishmash on my desk has been growing like a hungry monster for the past few days. The road was okay when I arrived at JJ’s daycare and after dropping him off, I felt reassured that he was safe in case something bad happened while driving on the slick road.

Traffic came to a complete halt as I slowly approached Iron Bridge Road, which was completely covered in snow. I was a sitting duck with no option other than to quietly observe another Snow-pocalypse crash down on the poor chumps of Virginia. Poor chumps, indeed. It really is too bad that DMV can’t simulate a snowy road to train people how to drive on them. Here is my account of all of the idiots I encountered today during my 1 hour commute of 6 slippery miles:

-Man in capped Pickup Truck: Got annoyed at the traffic sitting still and tried to turn around. Ended up gracefully sliding into the ditch beside the road instead.
-Woman in Pontiac Sunfire: driving way too fast. All windows (except small peep-hole on windshield) covered in snow. Later saw her in a ditch about a mile from where she passed me.
-Old guy in large white suburban: three inches from my back bumper. If he had hit me, I’m pretty sure I could have killed him with my bare hands.
-Woman in red eclipse: two cars in front of me, passed a car and a sand truck on Harrowgate Road. Later found herself in ditch.
-UPS truck: Started to proceed at stoplight by punching the gas. Turned himself sideways and blocked the opposite lane from mine.

There are some real smart cookies out there.

I got to work just fine, an hour late. No worry, I was only the second one there. I had a wildly productive day and felt quite proud of myself as I walked out of the office promptly at 5 p.m. The ground, road, and cars appeared completely devoid of snow – almost like the two hour blizzard never happened. Amazing and annoying.

Was it a bad dream, or just another typical Virginia snow? Hmmmmmmmm....

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