The Ultimate Status Update

How we are:

JJ rolled over yesterday and it was awesome. Until I realized how fast he's growing!! I can't believe that little line on the pee stick will be five months old next week. It really seems like yesterday. Really.

Jerry and I are doing okay. We're both sleep deprived (JJ hasn't been sleeping well lately) but we're surviving. We now have a new storm door on the back door, a new light fixture over the stairs, and new storm windows on the front windows. Jerry's been busy.

My wretched cold sore is finally going away. Darn thing.

The snow is finally almost gone, only to remind us of all the mud hiding beneath. I've been trying to get my car stuck in the mud like I did in the snow. It's more challenging than I thought.

Sherlock is still outside and it's 8 p.m. I'll let him in eventually.

I think that chicken nachos are the best crock pot recipie that I've ever made. I made it last night and it's even better today. Amazing, and great for parties.

I am still wishing right this very moment that weekends were three days long. Maybe one day... I sure could have used one more day to sleep some.

JJ has a new jumperoo, courtesy of our good friend, Venessa! It has at least 25 toys on it and he gets so over stimulated when he's in it, that he forgets to jump. He just looks around and plays with the toys!

Clover is hungry.

House is a rerun. Darn.

I think I'm going to bed. It's 8 p.m.

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