The Best Part

Got this in an email and thought it was cute. Disclaimer: this post hereby fulfills my obligation for 2010 to complete at least one survey per year.

The Best Part Of....

*Olive Garden...salad. I don't know what they do, but it's the best on the planet.

*going to the movies...cuddling in public. There just aren't enough public places to do this...

*living in the city...things to do. people to see. places to go. knowing you can find probably anything you need somewhere in the city limits.

*spending time with the kid(s)...snuggles. He loves snuggles.

*spending time with the significant other...foot rubs. Aaaaahhhhh....

*being on the phone with your BFF...saying whatever I want and not having to think about it first.

*being married...knowing he is legally obligated to love me no matter what

*having something broken...buying a new one

*going to the grocery store... daydreaming about being Julia Child and becoming a gourmet chef while I browse the aisles of yummy ingredients that could one day be in my kitchen.

*making dinner... feeling domestic.

*spring... more sunshine. I need more sunshine.

*getting dressed... signifies the beginning of a brand new day, which always has the potential to be better than the last.

*crafting...making something with my hands and loving it when I'm done.

*eating at a Mexican restaurant... margaritas with too much tequila

*a pedicure...whole body goodness. when your feet feel good, your whole body feels good.

*having cable... DVR and PBS.

*girls night out...realizing I am SO not the only one dealing with (insert issue here).

*shopping at Target... the baby section. and the wine section. and the seasonal section. and the video game section. and the toy department. and the....

*Costco or Sam's... supersize. Who doesn't love supersize??

*blogging during the day... escaping. Escaping from the work day, obligations, and bad moods. taking a break from reality and writing about whatever is in my head. it's refreshing.

*Walmart... makes shopping at Target much, much sweeter...

*a cinnamon roll... I love breakfast. goes great with coffee.

*a reeses peanut butter cup... fulfilling a requirement for one of the food groups... because... it has peanut butter.

*the past year... JJ

*having a cat... she catches stuff. bugs, pen tops, baby socks, dust bunnies, other critters...

*naps...seriously? Taking a break mid-day to crawl into a warm, comfortable place and shut down and relax and turn everything off for a while and rejuvenate yourself and wake up feeling like a new person for the second half of the day? I don't understand the question.

*gum... relieves stress. It's true! Gum chewers experience 25% less stress than non-gum chewers.

*iPhones... I wouldn't know.

*reading friends' blogs... understanding people better. Sometimes people will put down in a blog information that they won't talk about in real life. At least... that's what I do....

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