I've Been Gettin' Around

Day two: I have things to do!

Vacuum and shampoo carpets in car in attempt to find my camera: done, and camera not there.

WHERE IS THAT THING?! GD-it, I've been looking for that camera forever. I'm about to put out an amber alert for it. It has to be here somewhere. I just don't know where. UGH.

Next on the agenda: I'm getting around to those thank you cards. From five months ago. I'll be getting around to all of the other things I haven't gotten to do lately, too.

JJ is happily bouncing and playing in his jumper. He's been great the past few days. It still breaks my heart that I've been, and will later be, missing all of his daily antics. I'm enjoying every single second with him right now because I don't know when my amazing opportunity will present itself.

Emotionally, I've been okay since Saturday. I haven't felt this good for this long in many months and I'm wondering when, and if, the down will come back. I would be very naive to think that it won't make a comeback and I'm trying to prepare myself for it. Until then, I'm getting everything done that I can get done so I won't feel so guilty about being sloth when the next wave of crap comes.

With that said, I realize that this blog isn't very interesting, but thta's the joy of feeling temporarily normal - there is nothing to report. I'm gonna strap up my kid and get outside!!

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