Trusting and Waiting

Number of days since I lost my job: 7.

Number of times I've actually missed it this week: 0.

Number of times I've kissed my baby this week: I lost count on the first day.

I know it won't last. It can't. I'm a little sad about that.

Emotionally, I am starting to feel a little drained. Worry over the money situation that is soon to be in our front doorway is leering around the corner. I'm trying to stay positive about it in order to think logically about what we can do for the situation, but it's hard. Very hard. Someone up there has a plan for us, and all we need to do is carefully plan and be patient. Some luck is bound to come our way.
I'm still a little worried about the sudden change in mood. Was my job really the root of my emotional roller coaster, or have we just stopped momentarily to change passengers? Will I slide back, deeper, into functional nothingness as before?

We don't know the answers to the tough questions. Heck, we don't even know the answers to the easy ones. I wish we did. Waiting and trusting that "The Plan" will work out is hard, too. But we're going to get there... wherever "there" is.


Starla Rae said...

Hang in there! I know things are not going to be easy dealing with figuring out how to cover everything. Just put one foot in front of the other. Pay minimals when you can and buy generic foods/diapers/house supplies. Planning out a menu can save money in the long run. Every penny counts. You'll get through this tough time. As for mood you could very well be dealing with hormones from the baby. Having a baby changes things. *hugs*

Kate said...

My fave money-saving sites:,, and If you really get into couponing, also try the forums at They save me at least twenty bucks a week. Hope that helps!


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