Epidemic Proportions

Sickness is rampant in my house. JJ and I have escaped the latest epidemic, so far, and I plan to keep it that way. We think Jerry has the stomach flu, but are hoping that it was just a nasty sub he ate at Mr. Submarine last night. I wouldn't eat there even if the President offered his seat to me. Gross. To be safe, the Clorox, Lysol and Purell are stationed on the front lines and Jerry has been quarantined to the upstairs for the next three days or so, with rations being delivered to him as needed. JJ and I cannot get sick again, after finally starting to get over this bronchiolitis/sinus infection/RSV crap. Our immune systems just can't handle it.


On my way back to C-field from dropping JJ off at my sis-in-law's house (again, God bless you, Ev!), I started getting a little queasy and immediately started to panic. I'm talking the sweaty palms, heart racing, frantic-to-find-a-solution kind of panic. How in the world would we take care of JJ if we both have the stomach flu?! This can't be happening to us!!

As I was sitting in the inevitable stand-still traffic on I 95, I realized that I hadn't eaten anything since lunch yesterday. I completely forgot to eat dinner last night because I was so busy with the baby. I didn't eat breakfast this morning because I was busy, again, with the baby and taking care of Jerry. My stomach was starving!

I made a quick stop at WaWa and got some breakfast and felt WAY better after I ate. Phew. That was a close one.

I finished breakfast as I pulled into my office's parking lot and right on cue, I started to have a coughing fit. As time moves on, these coughing fits are getting longer and more painful as my body continues to try to get the gunk out that got in there nearly three weeks ago. I coughed so hard, I saw stars. I thought my head was going to fly off. Thank goodness I didn't lose my breakfast, like I have in the past after a coughing fit.

Somehow I managed to recover, gathered my things, and staggered into the building, all while sucking in gulps of air. I hate being sick.

Let me back up here a little on my blog full of rant - yesterday, I had my fancy new birth control implant put in. It's totally cool - no worries at all about birth control for the next three years. Super exciting. Basically, it's a 2 inch rod that the doctor crams under your skin on the underside of your upper arm. It's minor surgery to have it done, but I was numb the rest of the day yesterday, so it was okay afterwards. Now? It feels like I've been shot in the arm. Multiple times. Looks like it, too.

So when I walked up to my office, I plopped my stuff down and poked my head into my neighbor's office to say hello. Just as I positioned myself in the doorway, I crossed my arms. YEOWCH!!! Holy hell, that hurt so bad I thought I was going to pass out. It's been throbbing ever since and it's lunchtime.

Thankfully (knock on some serious wood here), JJ and I haven't developed any symptoms of the stomach flu, which means either we caught it in time for an effective quarantine, or it's the Nasty Sub Disease.

We need a break here. I would like just ONE day where none of us are sick. None. Just one day. Is that too much to ask? I would think not...

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Mark 'D' said...

Poor Kris10, that's absolutely horrible! You and J cubed all 3 DEFINITELY deserve and need a day without sickness! And I will certainly file not having something surgically placed in my arm for birth control as another reason I'm grateful to be male(but also, of course, appreciative of the efforts of womankind to help us cavemen). I hope that arm pain is something that simmers down after a very short while. So here's hoping/praying for many days coming very shortly with no illness!


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