Mighty Morphin' Power Sickness

My cold's "comeback" has now morphed into a sinus infection/double ear infection/strange throat infection. Although my ears don't hurt, they feel like I've crammed all the cotton I can in there after pouring a gallon of water in each one. Not uncommon for me - my ears get infected at least once a year, and last year I squeaked by without one. They've felt like this for probably a week or more, but I ignored it because I don't have time/energy to go to a doctor. I shouldn't have ignored it, because when the doc looked in my ears, he asked "How in the world did you get this sick?" Not contagious, thank goodness. Antibiotics and Mucinex abound.

Perhaps JJ knows that I don't feel well because he absolutely can't sleep. Maybe he's growing, which would surprise me very much since he grew out of his clothes not two weeks ago. He's been waking every three hours at night acting hungry for the past three nights. I give him a bottle; he drinks half and goes right back to sleep in my arms. We start all over three hours later. He did sleep, restlessly, in the swing from 1 to 6 this morning. I didn't sleep, because he tossed and turned the entire time he was swinging. If this continues, I may go crazy. In fact, I may already be there. It’s not a long trip.

I’m sitting at my desk wondering if I really am crazy when a strange thought pops in my head: Why doesn’t McDonald’s sell hot dogs? I mean, they sell practically everything else, and now they have their own coffeehouse inside every restaurant.

Mmmmm… Coffee….

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