Happy Anniversary, Captain Sully!

I just realized that I must write about the anniversary of the Hudson River US Airbus splash landing, because as I was reading the article on MSNBC, I surprisingly started to cry. The jet, which had just taken off from LaGuardia, reportedly hit at least one bird that crippled an engine. I read of a woman, once an avid swimmer, who says that swimming now reminds her of agonizing fear as she carried her baby son out of the water-filled cabin to safety. She said water also brings back visions of her husband, chest deep in the wet stuff, hoisting her four year old daughter above his head trying to get out of the plane. Water, something that no human can live without, reminds her of impending death. Just the thought of my infant son being in such peril is terrifying to me and the thought of being petrified of one of life’s necessities is unfathomable.

The woman, her husband, and their children all survived, as did every other passenger on the plane. Reports later stated the bird did not survive.
Shortly after news of the crash, media officials quickly referred to the event as “the Miracle on the Hudson.” In fact, Captain “Sully” Sullenberger and some of the survivors are on a boat in the Hudson River, right now, raising a toast in honor of the very lucky anniversary. Captain Sully is a true hero – you rock on, Sully, with your bad self.

Stemming off of yesterday’s horrible blog, here is an example of a time when innocent lives were spared, opposed to innocent lives being taken away. Tonight, a woman will hold her two babies, far away from her bathtub, and will thank God for the opportunity she was given to live exactly one year ago today.

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