Our little drama king...

I should be sleeping. Anyone with half a right brain would be sleeping right now if they were me. But nope. Not sleeping.

JJ is sleeping in his hospital crib beside me. In fact, he's even snoring a bit. I feel quite comforted by his apparent comfort.

On Thursday night, JJ was very uncomfortable. I could tell he was working a little to breathe, but I didn't worry too much because he's had this respiratory infection for a few days. I couldn't get him to settle down to sleep, so I rocked and rocked until it was nearly time to eat.

After he finished eating, I pulled the bottle out of his mouth and he was blue around his lips. I gave him a little jostle and he perked up and the blue went away. He's quite stuffy, so I'm sure he just couldn't move any air when he had the bottle in his mouth. I laid him down in the swing to sleep, and watched him for a few minutes. I could literally see the perimiter of his lips start to turn blue as he fell alseep. I woke him up, he turned pink again. He fell asleep - he turned blue again. I immediately packed him up and headed to the ER.

We got to the ER around 1 a.m. He was very sleepy and pale when we got there, and we were again immediately taken to the back. The nurse suctioned his nose out and he was much more comfortable. We waited. And waited. And waited. Finally the doctor came in and told me that he was moving air well and that he turned blue probably because of all the mucus in his nose. She was going to send us home with a nebulizer since JJ had started wheezing. As an afterthought, she checked his oxygen saturation (the amount of oxygen in his blood) and it was 80. It should always be close to 100.

She moved the probe and checked again. 79. I was in disbelief since he was sleeping in my arms and seemed so comfortable. The nurse gave him some oxygen and it went back up to 90. She took it away - back down to 75... which made JJ the proud winner of a shiny hospital room on the seventh floor.

It was 6 a.m. when we were wheeled into our room. At that point, I hadn't slept in 24 hours and it didn't even phase me at all. My kid is in the hospital and I have one job to do - mommy him as much as motherly possible. Sleeping not required.

So here we are at 1:25 a.m. - 24 hours since we were in the ER, waiting. Jerry brought me the netbook with the wireless broadband so I can have some entertainment. The baby down the hall that has been crying since we got here is finally quiet. In fact, all of the babies are quiet right now. JJ has had eight breathing treatments and is finally starting to breathe more comfortably. He's still on oxygen, but they are stepping down the dose so we can get him off it soon. I don't have much of an appetite, although I feel hungry. My sinuses are on full fledged attack mode and have been driving me crazy since we got here. I still have a litle lingering cough, so I sound just sick enough for people to feel a little sorry for me, but not enough that they think I'm irresponsible for being in a hospital with the plague.

Prayers are appreciated. Always. We think we might be able to go home Sunday or Monday, depending on the course of the RSV. The doctor warned us that it still could get worse before it gets better, and we need to keep him here long enough to make sure that doesn't happen while we're at home.

This is the finale of the sickness. We've decided that none of us are going to be sick anymore all season. We've all had enough.

Feel free to call me tomorrow if you have questions or want to check on us.

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Anonymous said...

It's Heather Thomson. I'm so sorry that all of you are dealing with this. You are so strong though and your mommy powers are definetely in full mode! I said a prayer last night and will throughout the day/nights until he's out of the hospital and better! I don't have you or Jerry's phone numbers so please let me know via txt, phone call (585-610-0222) or through facebook if I can do anything you help you guys! Please don't hesitate!


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